2 Footsie Bath Products That You Are Sure To Love!

After a long and tiring week at work – nothing can be more relaxing than a warm footsie bath! Just put your feet up and unwind, as the bath washes over your feet in soothing waves. But yes, for most of us, it usually entails a spa bill afterwards. But why pay for it when you can have the whole set up at home – and for half the hassle?

Have we got your interest piqued yet? Well, then – you need to check out these!

ProductProduct nameFootrestLiners IncludedPrice
Portable-Footsie-Bath-Pedicure-Spaamazon-buy-nowPibbs DG 103 PortableFootsie Bath Pedicure SpaYesYes$400-410
Footsie-Footbathamazon-buy-nowFootsie FootbathNoYes$105-115

#1:Pibbs DG 103 Portable Footsie Bath Pedicure Spa

Portable-Footsie-Bath-Pedicure-Spaamazon-buy-now  This first foot bath comes with an all-in-one set up. You require no plumbing for it. You just need to fill it up once before starting – and it’s done. It comes with great features too! Check these out:

  • It has a rolling base for your full comfort.
  • You can actually adjust the footrest to suit your needs. That way your feet are exactly where you want them to be.
  • It also has very good and long lasting heating elements – so that the tub lasts for ages.
  • Plus, it has a good vibration source. This not only relaxes your feet, but the special noise reduction technology ensures that you too can just close your eyes and sit back. 

Besides these, there are other pluses to this tub as well – but the real vote of confidence actually comes from the customers. Do check out the review – a few snippets, at least:

  • Being ultra light it is very easy to handle and store in the house.
  • The wheels at the bottom make transporting it easy as well.
  • This product has actually been trusted and loved by salons everywhere – more reason for you to get it! You can get an actual salon experience, but right at home!
As for the rest of the impressions, just go and check out the rest of the reviews. And then if this is the one you want – go order on Amazon and have it delivered while you sit at home!

 Pibbs DG 103 Portable Footsie Bath Pedicure Spa

amazon-buy-nowBut yes, for some people the price of this first one may seem a little steep. And for those of you – we also have this other product that you can consider:

#2: Footsie Footbath
 This one costs a fraction of what the earlier one did. And it too has the same comfortable design. However, in some respects, this one doesn’t have the same features as the last one – but then it does cost less.

As for the features it does have:
  • You use hygienic disposable lines, like the last one.
  • It is built to last you years.
  • Also, it comes in a very convenient and lightweight design – so that using it becomes pretty simple.
  • And the bowl is quite deep, giving your feet a comfortable soak.

There are many other features of this as well – but you need to check out the listing for those. Right now we’ll focus on the customer reviews:

  • Again a very economical set that a few cosmetologists have bought and used with great results.
  • People were happy with the spa experience that they got from it.
  • Since it comes with sanitary liners, this one makes for very easy cleaning – another feature that people loved about it!
You can go and check out the rest of the information in the review section. And then, if you think that this one is more your thing, and also within your budget, then go ahead and order from Amazon – to make the most of the amazing discount!

Footsie Footbath

But only having the footsie tubs is not enough. You also need to have the bath liners. These ensure that the entire experience is hygienic and safe for you. Now each of the above baths comes with their own set of disposable liners. But what about when you run out of those? As an extra provision, here is a set of just the liners!

Footsie Bath Liners 100 Pack
 Footsie-Bath-Liners-100-Packamazon-buy-now  These liners are pretty standard in size and can fit into most footsie baths. In fact, these will fit into both the ones we have already featured. Not only do these ensure complete hygiene, they are also super easy to use:
• Into the dry bath, place a liner
• Then fill with water as you would normally
• Use the footsie bath
• Once done, just throw out the water
• Then throw out the liner
• Next time, use a fresh one
And that is all there is to it! These liners ensure that you have a fresh foot bath each time!

This pack of 100s was very well appreciated by almost all the people who bought and used them. And of course, considering that you get 100 of these liners for less than $100 – this really is a very good deal – and one you shouldn’t let go! And if you wanted to get a bit more validation, just go check out the reviews for it!

And thereafter – here’s where to order them from!

Footsie Bath Liners 100 Pack

There is nothing quite like a footsie bath – but yes, the best thing is a HYGENIC foot bath – and these supplies ensure just that! So get ordering and prepare to pamper your feet!

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