2 Home Spa Kit Gift Options: Made To Be A Relaxing Gift!

Home spas are a big thing nowadays. Gone are the days when spa treatments and everything else about them used to be novelty, and so people spent astronomical amounts of money to go and get them done. Today women and men everywhere are a lot more particular about where they spend what – and D-I-Y is quite popular too! So, naturally, spas can also be done by yourself at home. But yes, you will need the basic products. And wouldn’t that make for a great gift to give? Here’s bringing you 2 home spa kit gift options!


So – how about checking out each a little more closely?

#1: French Vanilla Bath Gift Set
 French-Vanilla-Bath-Gift-Setbttn This first one has a soothing vanilla bean aroma to it. As you probably already know, vanilla is a great antioxidant, and its fragrance brings about relaxation, as well as relieves depression and acts as an aphrodisiac! So, considering that the smell in this gift set is actually genuine, you can be gifting them (or yourself) a whole great relaxing spa experience!

And what’s more, the set actually comes in a wooden jewelry box, which you can see in the picture! The box has a two-tone natural wood look, with leather trimmings. There is also a clear mirror attached to the inner lid – so you can see yourself!

The box itself lends a really nice and elegant touch to the gift – and then you surely also have the great products that make an at-home-spa super easy to carry about! Here’s what you get in the box:

  • Bubble bath – 190 ml
  • Shower gel – 190 ml
  • Bath salts – 120 g
  • Body spray – 100 ml
  • Body lotion – 90 g
  • Bath fizzer balls – 2

And as for exactly how good this spa kit and its supplies are, we took a look at some of the reviews:

  • The quality is really good, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and exactly like it would post a spa appointment!
  • The quality is also good, just as the fragrance is genuine and there are no artificial overtones to it.
  • And of course, the packaging is superb, and you get 2 gifts made into 1!

You could read these reviews and a lot more on Amazon. And now if you want to get this for yourself or for someone, then go grab the offer on Amazon now – till stocks last!


French Vanilla Bath Gift Set

And here’s another flavor – that is available at a higher discount!

#2: Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set in a Natural Wood Caddy
Cherry-Blossom-Spa-Gift-Setbttn   Did you know that cherry blossoms are called ‘Sakura’ in Japan? And it has been associated with relaxation and a sense of calm. And that is what we all look for in a spa experience, don’t we? As a result, this one actually makes for a great spa kit that is going to make you or whoever you gift it to, very happy!

And just as the last set came with a wooden jewelry box which was a great addition to the set – this one comes in a handy and elegant wooden caddy. The caddy means that you can store these very easily – and it looks great too – as you can clearly see in the picture!

The caddy has the look of an elegant display shelf, and it is made out of good quality wood which you’d love to add to any spa set up! And now to check out the contents of this set:

  • Shower gel – 250 ml
  • Bubble bath – 250 ml
  • Bath salts – 120 g
  • Body lotion – 140 ml
  • A puff
  • Rose shaped soap enhanced with Vitamin E and Shea butter – 4

And as with the last one, it’s time to shed some light on a few of the reviews for this product:

  • The fragrance is really nice and not at all over powering and strong! It is just a light hint, which actually soothes the senses and helps you to relax!
  • The caddy is very sturdy in make, and looks great as well!
  • And of course, the products come in sizeable bottles – and will actually last a while!

Read through these and other reviews on Amazon before you finally make up your mind, though. But if you do zero in on this, currently there is a huge discount being offered by Amazon – don’t miss it!


Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set in a Natural Wood Caddy

So, you’ve just seen our 2 home spa kit gift options – and as is clear from the reviews, they are both very good products, and stuff that whoever you gift them to will appreciate highly! So – have you decided which one it is going to be yet?

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