2 Top Foot Spa Machines: Convenience & Quality!

Your feet bear the brunt of everything you do throughout the day or the week. Naturally, they are left tired and in need of some pampering. And what better way than to give them a foot spa! A proper foot spa, with the right equipment means that your feet can not only relax and heal, but you can also take care of dead skin, calluses and other problems that frequently arise. And why spend a large amount every time you want a foot spa – invest once in these 2 top foot spa machines – and you will be set for years to come!

ProductProduct name Soak feetCallus remover Price
Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and HeatYesNo $$
3-in-1 Electronic Pedicure And Callus Remover Kit By Lilian FacheNoYes $$

As you can probably tell already, the two are of two different types, and serve different purposes. And now to get you a little better acquainted with each – we’ll take a closer look at them one by one:

#1: Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat
This first one is a foot spa designed for you to soak your feet in. The warm swirling waters relax your feet and also soften the dead skin on the heels. There are also rollers at the bottom fitted with pumice stone. As the dead skin cells soften, the pumice stone gently rubs them off, revealing your smooth and soft skin that is supple!

It comes with 3 different pedicure attachments – a brush, the pumice as well as the attachment for massaging the feet. Another great thing about this foot spa machine is the foot rest.

The design is such that there is a foot rest built into the tub itself. This allows you to rest your feet in between. As you know, when in a foot spa, trying to keep your feet suspended in the air is very difficult, and you wouldn’t want to place them on the ground just yet!

And to check out what reviewers have had to say about this product which s a current bestseller on Amazon:

  • This is a really versatile foot spa machine that combines a number of great features.
  • The size is such that even people with large feet can comfortably use it.
  • It takes care of almost all the necessary things – and that too at a great price!
Read the rest of the reviews on Amazon – and once you do – go ahead and place your orders! There is a great discount on it right now – don’t miss that!

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

This first one was for soaking your feet in. But then feet need polishing, and calluses also need to be removed. So check out this next one…

#2: 3-in-1 Electronic Pedicure And Callus Remover Kit By Lilian Fache
Electronic-Pedicure-And-Callus-Remover-Kitamazon-buy-now  This one isn’t a foot spa kit that allows you to soak your feet in a tubful of warm water like the last one. But then there is a lot more to a pedicure than just that. And this one, incidentally, takes care of all your other pedicure needs. The machine is singular, but it has 3 different attachments. And between them, they manage:
  • Remove calluses that are tough
  • Get rid of dry skin and soft calluses
  • Buffing to polish the skin
  • Filing of toe nails.

So basically it is one machine that will do all that the pedicurist at the spa manages using a myriad range of tools. And what’s more – you actually spend just a fraction! Plus, being perfect travel size – you can actually carry this in your bag wherever you go… But before you go with this buy, you should ideally look a little into the reviews and the experiences that other people had with this:

  • The machine works at two speeds, and no matter how tough the callus, it seems to work wonders in removing it!
  • The unit is designed in such a way that you can comfortably hold it in your hands and use it efficiently.
  • Being waterproof this can even be used in the shower, the bath or inside a tub of warm water!
Check out the rest of the reviews for yourself though… And of course, it is selling like hot cakes right now – so that must speak for quality. So go ahead and take your pick and place your orders now!

3-in-1 Electronic Pedicure And Callus Remover Kit By Lilian Fache

There can be nothing more relaxing than a foot spa that involves a good brushing session followed by a nice comfy soak. In fact, the sheer pleasure actually lasts longer than the actual procedure. So save yourself the effort of getting to the spa and back and also save yourself a lot of money – and order these 2 top foot spa machines now!

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