3 Luxury Bath Towels To Put The Comfort Into Your Bath Time!

What is a luxurious bath without some luxury bath towels to wrap yourself in… and by luxury towels we are talking about thick and soft towels that truly feel like a dream on your skin. At the same time, they should be able to do what they are meant for – which is soaking up moisture. The result is that not just any towel will do. You need ones that are comfortable and well made. And for that you needn’t spend a whole lot of money. We bring you 3 options that are actually quite economical and great in quality too!

ProductProduct nameNo. of piecesLarge towelPrice
Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16"x30" Hand Towel Set of 66No$$
Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set,6Included$$
Utopia Towels Extra Large 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet1Yes$$

And now let’s look at each individually…

#1: Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel Set of 6

These towels are made from the best quality Turkish cotton. And while we are looking at bath towels today, these are actually a little smaller in size – and are more hand towels. However, when you want to build up a bath towel set, you also need to have smaller towels as part of it to wipe your face and hands.

And for that these towels are some of the best you could get. Also, the same maker sells bath towels and all other styles of towels – to match with these!

These have an extra thick 700+ gsm weave. This ensures that the towels are thick and soft to touch, and extremely absorbent. Also, all the sides are double hemmed ensuring longevity of these towels.

And now let’s check out the reception for these top selling towels from Amazon:

  • They are much cheaper than the same quality towels you find at your local store.
  • The towels are incredibly soft – just what you’d want in luxury towels.
  • They are very easy to wash and keep clean. And numerous cycles in the washer and dryer also will not make these tough or rough.

As for the rest of the reviews, you can check those out for yourself. And in case you decide on these, don’t order them anywhere else, since Amazon is currently offering a huge discount on the range!


Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel Set of 6

Now we’ll look at this next set of towels from Amazon. These are a little less expensive…

#2: Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

These are actually made of genuine Egyptian cotton – which is also cotton of very good quality. Egyptian cotton is heavyweight cotton, known for its durability, absorbency and softness. So it is a good investment.

Now for what you get in this set – hand towels, washcloths and bath towels – and two of each. Also, the plain towels look really good with the special decorative panel along one side. They are made such a way that they hold up just fine when washed and dried in the machine.

The machine-wash feature makes these towels very convenient. And even though there will be some lint the first time around, with subsequent washes, these will wash off and not reappear. Another good thing is that these towels are available in a variety of colors – pop and subdued shades. For instance, there are cranberry and plum shades, alongside the grey (the one featured here) and the cream ones.

And as for checking out the reviews now:

  • These towels are indeed super absorbent, as reviewers pointed out time and again.
  • Also, after they were soaked once, they dried out pretty quickly – of course proportional to how soaked they were.
  • Considering the quality of these towels as well as everything that comes in the set – most people were very surprised that they were priced so reasonably.

You can check out the reviews for yourself… And now if you decide to get these, do check out the wide range at Amazon. At any other store you may not find all the shades at once, but Amazon will always be well stocked!

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

And finally our third set of luxury towels for our bath and spa needs…

#3: Utopia Towels Extra Large 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet

Utopia-Towels-Extra-Large-Cotton-Luxury-Bath-Sheet amazon-buy-now  These may not be Turkish or Egyptian cotton, but the cotton is nevertheless of superior quality. In fact, the cotton in these towels is ringspun – which is what gives them their soft and velvety feel, along with their super absorbency.

In this set you will get one large bath towel that has been made in such a way that it will last you for years – and will remain just as soft! In fact, with every wash the cotton is expected to get softer, though not wear out. 

Another plus with this towel is the fact that they are also very convenient to keep clean. You can just throw them in the machine for washing and drying. The quality of the towels will not be affected in any way. And of course, these towels can also double up as beach towels owing to their size and easy clean feature.

But, wait; let’s go through a few of the reviews at least:

  • Most people were very happy with the size and the softness of these towels. After all, feel is very important with towels!
  • Also, with the absorbency, even picky people were quite satisfied with the performance of these towels.
  • These towels come in bright pop colors as you can see here. But the colors don’t bleed, even in the first wash.

And you can verify all these from the reviews if you like. And do note that the full range is available only at Amazon, and you also get superior shipping. So do check out Amazon before placing your orders.

Utopia Towels Extra Large 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet

And with that we conclude the list of 3 luxury bath towels. And we only brought you ones that have been adequately tried and tested by numerous Amazon customers. So quality is guaranteed. Now all you have to do is decide which one you want, and order!