3 More Of The 5 Top Facial Steamer Options From Amazon

We set out to bring you the top 5 steamers from Amazon based solely on how customers benefited from them. And with our picks we even gave you a comparison – but we only gave you the details for the top 2. Here we are back with the other 3!

After one basic and one professional level facial steamer, here are 3 more that can more or less be called basic or home use steamers. But that doesn’t mean they are any less in functionality! You will know as you read on…

#1: Coanir Facial Sauna System with Timer
 This one is the cheapest of the facial steamers that we have featured today – but it is better reviewed than the other two we have here!

Again, like the first product in the list of 5 – this one is another basic steamer – and another great product from Conair. While it does fall into a lower bracket, it has more features! For instance:

  • The large (6 ¾ inch) cone is specially built to concentrate the steam on the face.
  • It comes with an extra cone – a narrower one (3 ½ inch). This is specifically designed for you to use when you want to inhale the steam and clear out your sinuses!

  • It comes with a timer (3 to 15 mins) – so even with this you can just set it up and then relax with your facial!
  • It also comes with two bonus skincare tools – a sponge for even and better moisturizer application, and a brush that gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin in the process.
Overall, as a facial steamer, this one has enough features to boast of. And yet, the real surprise is actually the price! Of course, you may think that when the manufacturers are offering so much for such a meager price, the product will be substandard. But the 250+ customer reviews actually attest to the exact opposite! Here are a few glimpses from them:

  • The machine is built to last – and performed, as a customer put in – ‘flawlessly’! Another customer actually said that she hadn’t been expecting it to do exactly what the manufacturers claimed. And she was quite pleasantly surprised when it actually did!
  • Most people loved that it doubles up for clearing nasal congestion in addition to face care!
  • The exfoliator brush is a great tool to use before the face ‘sauna’ and the moisturizer sponge afterwards… and women love extras – especially if they are as good quality as these are.
In fact, this one can actually makes a great gift for your girlfriend or wife – if she doesn’t have one. She’ll thank you for the relaxation and easy skincare. And if you are looking for a bit more validation – check out the rest of the reviews. And once you do – you know where you will get the best price!


Coanir Facial Sauna System with Timer

Now we have another steamer – this one is from Revlon.

#2: Revlon Facial Sauna
This is also a basic steamer, as the design let’s on. And it is somewhat similar to the Conair one we just featured. As for why this one will do the job well for you – let’s check out a few of its attributes:

  • This one also features a facial cone and a nasal cone – which means that you can use it for facials and for sinus congestion!
  • The entire machine is AC powered – so you have no recurrent costs for battery.
  • The temperature is controlled by an efficient thermostat, so no risks of you accidentally burning yourself.

  • It comes with a special measuring cup for the water – so there is no chance of overflowing when you are refilling it.
  • It has an easy to operate simple on/off/interrupter button.
And as for what reviewers have had to say about this very basic, yet highly efficient steamer:

  • It produces a lot of steam – so whether you are trying to ‘un-block’ your sinuses or really have a warm and rejuvenating facial – this one will do its job well.
  • It is built to last – even after months and years of use – it will work just fine!
  • The cone is quite comfortable – so you actually end up relaxing.
  • It is great value for money when you consider that it costs just a few dollars more than the Conair.
Of course, the Conair is a better bargain – but if you just wanted to get yourself a basic steamer with an on/off switch – why buy all the extra stuff that comes with the Conair? Check out how effective and durable this one is from the customer’s opinions and then make a buy if you want to give it a try!


Revlon Facial Sauna

And finally we come to the last steamer in our list of 5 –

#3: SecuraNano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

 This one is a little more sophisticated than the other 3 basic home steamers we have featured. Here’s why:

  • The steam produced is superfine and nano scale. This ensures that it penetrates skin better and helps to open pores. It is also ionized steam – which as you know is known to be even better for skin care and exfoliation.

  • It has a special feature on the back of the machine which can be used to humidify a room or create a sauna atmosphere in a small bathroom – making it dual featured! 

  • It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It works on AC current and the rating is 120V 60Hz – which is standard North American Electrical values. This means it can work efficiently in all our houses.
But as we keep saying, merely reading the manufacturer’s information isn’t real validation. For that go and check out the reviews. And today we have brought you a few snippets right here:

  • It works differently than the basic steamers – and some argue that this is a better way to have a home facial!
  • While it is quite lightweight and compact (read: easy to transport and store) – it is highly durable and will last for quite a while.
  • While it is a lot more sophisticated than the basic ones – it doesn’t cost as much as the professional one – making it great value for money. And it does produces professional results when used right!

Over all, this one has also got rave reviews on Amazon. After all, we wouldn’t really feature it if it didn’t. Now if this is the one that you want to really get – get over to Amazon and order away!


SecuraNano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

So there you have it – 5 of the best facial steamer options on Amazon, based on reviews left by customers – and just that. Also, we have given considerable attention to features. So go through them all at length and pick the one that suits your needs and budget comfortably – and then get ordering. And stay assured that you will get the best service and the best prices from Amazon and Amazon alone!

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