3 Top Infrared Sauna Reviews To Help You Decide!

Having your very own sauna in the house can be a great idea! Not only is a sauna greatly relaxing, it has a number of health benefits as well. However, having a sauna in the house seems like a really expensive investment, don’t you think? But there is one way to cut back on that – and that is by getting a readymade sauna module that comes fully equipped and that you just place and use. These are somewhat like self-contained shower rooms or tents, but only for sauna. And the best by far are the infrared heating ones. Now to help you make your choice, we have brought you a few infrared sauna reviews – let’s get started…
 Pocket-Sauna-Hypoallergenic-Bundle  Carbon-Fiber-Heaters  Durherm-Portable-Personal-Folding-Home-Steam-Sauna
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And now, here’s taking a look at the major attributes of each of the above…

ProductProduct nameInfraredWoodenPrice
Durherm-Portable-Personal-Folding-Home-Steam-SaunaDurherm Portable
Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna

Pocket-Sauna-Hypoallergenic-BundlePocket Sauna Hypoallergenic Bundle (USA)
Carbon-Fiber-HeatersJNH Lifestyles 2 Person
Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters


Now that you have seen these at a glance, here are the details of each:

#1: Pocket Sauna Hypoallergenic Bundle (USA)
Pocket-Sauna-Hypoallergenic-Bundleamazon-buy-now   This first one is a full set. As you can see here, it consists of:

  • A wooden (poplar) frame with an infrared 4 lamp heating panel
  • A stool also made of poplar for you to relax on in the sauna
  • A cover made of cotton canvas that creates a secluded atmosphere.
In addition to the care that has been put into every aspect of the set – the manufacturers have also given a lot of thought to people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Why is that, you ask?

Well, this entire set is made with hypoallergenic wood as well as material that will keep your skin safe and protected!

Another plus point about this manufactured in USA set is that it is super easy to assemble. In fact, no guide, or tools or time intensive activity is required. A simple setting up is all you will need.

Also the lamps used have ULTRA-Low EMF and give Incandescent near Infrared Heat… this is a safer alternative to the high EMF lamps used in conventional saunas.

And now let’s take a look at what customers have had to say about this product that they give a perfect 5 star rating to:

  • The people who bought it all agreed that it was very easy to assemble.
  • Also they concurred on how sturdy and yet elegant it was in build.
  • And while the price is on the high side – the product and the service is truly worth it.
Do go and check out the reviews in greater detail and after you have – if this is the one you want to buy… Go ahead and order on Amazon and have your own sauna delivered to your doorstep!


Pocket Sauna Hypoallergenic Bundle (USA)

Now we take a look at our next product – this one is rated a little lower than the first – but it does have more features.

#2: JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

 First up, this home sauna unit is constructed completely out of wood. And the wood used is Hemlock. Being completely made of wood, it offers better insulation as well. In front though, it has a high resistance glass see-through door.

But that is not all that is great about this sauna! You usually spend time in the sauna for health – to soothe and relax aching joints and muscles. But at the same time – a sauna offers you a great opportunity to relax and de-stress. And nothing can help you to de-stress better than some good tasteful music. And guess what? This sauna actually has built-in speakers, and an auxiliary sound input! So just play your favorite music on your iPod (relaxing music, though),  plug it in and relax in your home sauna with the music! 

As for the infrared heating panels, they are made of Carbon Fiber and are of the Far Infrared Heater type. Also the heating elements are strategically placed almost all around the unit. This ensures better all-around heating in the sauna!

Now you may think that this is difficult to set up – and once put up, next to impossible to shift. But the case is exactly the opposite. This one too is super easy to assemble and disassemble. In fact, once disassembled, it can be transported anywhere you like! There is of course more to this home sauna unit – and you should check Amazon for the rest.

And as for what customers have had to say about it –

  • While it is touted as a personal sauna, there is enough place for two people in it, unlike the other 2 saunas we are featuring.
  • The customers found it to be super easy to put up (just about 25 minutes for one couple) – and hopefully, so will you.
  • According to one customer who previously owned two other infrared saunas, this one was by far the best.
And when you consider what all you are getting, the price doesn’t really seem all that much! So if you also want to join the ranks of the 200+ very satisfied customers, then go ahead and place your order now!


JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

But after these two, we have a much cheaper option for you. It isn’t a pure infrared sauna, but it works just as efficiently, and costs a mere fraction!

#3: Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna
Durherm-Portable-Personal-Folding-Home-Steam-Sauna amazon-buy-now  For those working within a tight budget, the last two must’ve seemed really deal breakers! But worry not – we have something to fit your budget as well!

Introducing the steam heated sauna tent from Durherm Portable! Not only is that portable, efficient and super affordable – it is also a current bestseller on Amazon. And when you know something is selling like hot cakes – you can be quite assured that it really is worth its price! So now let’s take a closer look at the unit at a glance:

  • An insulated sauna tent inside which the steam is trapped.
  • A set up in which you need to fill up water so that it creates steam and therefore heat for the sauna.
  • A set of PVC support tunes to hold up the sauna.

The entire set up actually takes just minutes. And in use too – it is super easy. Just set up the tent, prepare the steam generator by filling it with water, connect it to the power source and leave for the steam to start. Get a waterproof seat to place inside the tent, and then just sit on it and relax!

It does come with a manual in English, and the manufacturers urge you to read it first before you start. But then that is a small price to pay for safety!

And as for what customers have had to say about it:

  • The head hole ensures that your head and hands are actually out of the tent. This prevents any feeling of suffocation.
  • Maintaining it is very easy. Once you are done, just spray with any good disinfectant, and leave it near an open window to air dry.
  • Storage is also very easy. The support framework disassembles, and the tent folds up neatly. So you can easily put it out of sight when not in use!
Again, there is so much more information in the 20+ customer reviews (out of a total 35+) and you should really go through them for more valuable information (like using pre-boiled water, for instance!)

But once you have seen through it all – you will surely agree that this is the perfect solution to your sauna on a budget problem. And when it comes to ordering it – there is no place like Amazon. Currently they are offering a more than 50% discount – so grab it while the offer lasts!


Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna

And with that we come to the end of our infrared sauna reviews… While infrared isn’t a problem if you have a comfortable budget, those working with a small purse wouldn’t want to spend quite as much. And for them, the last option is the perfect alternative. So take your pick based on your budget – and get set to relax!

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