4 amazing homemade milk bath recipes for a Luxurious Spa Bath

Did you know you can treat yourself to a luxurious bath just like the ones they give you at spas and that too at without paying a penny? Yes it’s true! Isn’t it a shocker?

You can enjoy a wonderful bath using your homemade milk bath recipe. So if you are too busy to visit a spa for a relaxing bath you aren’t losing much as you can bring your spa to your home!

Try these homemade milk bath recipes for at home spa and maybe someday your home spa will become so famous that you might be gifting your recipe to your friends and family members.

So let’s see what kind of milk baths you can take:

1.   Oatmeal Milk Bath

If you have a dry or itchy skin then you need to try oatmeal milk bath. It will relax your body and will render your skin smooth. You are required to:

  • Take half cup finely ground oatmeal and 2 cups of Milk
  • Add both of them to running warm water in your bath tub
You can use your hand to mix it in the water. A good thing about this bath is that this mixture will easy pass through the drain.

2.    Milk and Honey Bath

You can treat yourself to a traditional milk and honey bath in the luxury of your home. All you need is:

  • 1 and half cup of powdered milk
  • Quarter cup baking soda for softer skin
  • Quarter cup Epsom salt for vibrancy
  • Quarter cup honey to moisturize your skin
  • Add these ingredients together in warm water

This bath gives you a fresher, youthful and glowing skin. It is a must try!

3.    Scented Milk Bath

What is better than a soothing bath which gives you added aroma as well! Yes! You can have your very own scented milk bath. The ingredients are:

  • 2 cup Powdered milk
  • Half cup Baking soda which makes your skin soft
  • Half cup Cornstarch healing dry skin
  • Any Essential Oil (Lavender oil is preferred because of its wonderful scent)
  • Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly
  • Add oil and mix again
  • Pour this mixture in warm running water for an amazing scented milk bath
4.    Mint Milk Bath

Using the same recipe as above you can substitute Lavender oil with a few drops of spearmint to get that minty flavor and scent. This recipe is provided by a lifestyle blogger who makes wonderful homemade products.

You can store and use these mixtures in future as well. You know what else is good about these homemade milk bath recipes? Well, you can use them as gifts to your mom, friends and other family members. So, store these recipes in beautiful and presentable jars and share your love with your loved ones!

ALSO Remember that people with lactose intolerance will not have any problem while taking these homemade milk baths, but in case you have a severe milk allergy you might want to consult your doctor beforehand.

We hope that you will get some relief from your day to day stresses and tensions with these wonderful homemade milk baths!

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4 amazing homemade milk bath recipes for a Luxurious Spa Bath
No need to visit a spa as you can now pamper yourself with a luxurious bath within the comfort of your home, thanks to our 4 amazing homemade milk bath recipes!

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