4 Smart Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Stay Gorgeous

It can be pretty tricky at times trying to figure out exactly how to care for your hair after you get hair extensions put in. From looks alone, they may not seem like they are any different from your natural hair, but the fact remains…. extensions definitely don’t behave like your natural hair does! This is why proper aftercare is important, especially if you want them to last as long as possible!

Here are 4 important tips and ‘ways’ to help you through, in your aftercare routine…

1.    Constantly detangle your hair, especially before showering

Brushing and detangling your hair and hair extensions is really important if you want them to not only look nice, but also avoid getting damaged. The longer you go without brushing, the more the chances are of tangles building up! Which in turn, increase the chances of you damaging your extensions from excessive pulling or tugging. Remember to be gentle with them always if you don’t want them to ‘come off’!

2.    Wash your hair thoroughly

Make sure to be extra thorough in cleaning routine with your hair extensions. With your real hair, you may find sometimes that it can be managed by itself because of the natural oils, but this isn’t the case with hair extensions. Be thorough to prevent dirt or sweat from building up and making your hair even more likely to get tangled! Also remember to be gentle when you treat your hair, even in the shower. Try not to pull at your hair, scrub your scalp at the roots or wash it in a way that could tangle it. If your hair starts to get knotted, use a comb to gently untangle it. Try not to rush this process if you want to take care of your hair properly! Also, be sure to rinse off thoroughly to prevent anything from remaining in there.

3.    Be careful with choosing your conditioner

Not only are things a little different with washing, but also even with your conditioner. Be sure to pick out the right conditioner;  you could get advice from your hair stylist or salon. Conditioning is really important to keep your hair looking good, but be careful when applying it. Applying conditioner around where your extensions are attached could potentially weaken the bond, so be careful about how you apply it and stick to your stylist’s advice and suggestions. Besides this, try using a gentle downward motion when conditioning your hair to keep it from tangling.

4.    Dry your hair gently

Drying can be very tricky since many people are a little rough when they towel dry their hair to get the water out faster, but you cannot do this if you have extensions. If you are going to towel dry your hair, it is best not to rub it too hard and roughly and also do the same as with the conditioner – use gentle downward motions. Although, the most ideal way to dry your extensions is to simply leave them to dry by themselves. However, you may be tempted to use other methods because that would take too long, so just be sure to be gentle. If you blow dry your hair, a great tip is to start at the roots, moving downward so that the bond of your extensions solidifies more.

These four effective tips can surely help you out a lot in the aftercare process of your extensions. Always keep in mind that your extensions must be treated much more delicately than your normal hair since it is attached and does not get any of the natural oils your hair does. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to keep your extensions looking natural and shiny for a long time!

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4 Smart Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Stay Gorgeous