5 Top Facial Steamers Validated By Numerous Buyers!

Facial steaming is a highly beneficial procedure that you can try out. Not only does it relax you over all, it also offers a number of benefits for your skin. Firstly, it can give you clearer skin by promoting cell turnover. It can also open the pores so that your skin absorbs whatever you use afterwards better. But for you to get all of these benefits, you need to first get yourself a good steamer. And today we have brought you the 5 top facial steamers from Amazon.
We went looking all over Amazon – and here are the 5 top picks we found based on ratings as well as the content of the reviews. These have been used and much appreciated by people – a true hallmark of quality. And now they can do the same for you!

Product Product name Cool Mist Auto shut off Ionic SteamPrice
Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial SystemYes Yes No $35-45
"Jocasta" Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with OzoneNoYes Yes$90-100
Coanir Facial Sauna System with TimerNo Yes No$15-25
Revlon Facial SaunaNoNoNo$20-30
SecuraNano Ionic NanoCare Facial SteamerNoNoYes$55-65

And now let’s look at each facial steaming kit one by one – we have featured the top two – the best rated of the lot – right here… the rest is elsewhere, so read on…

#1: Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System

 This first one is a basic steamer – as evidenced by its low price. But then just because it doesn’t cost a bomb, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver.

It produces hot steam for facials and steaming – but it also produces cool steam – to moisturize your face, close the pores and seal in the moisture! Now that is a nifty little feature, isn’t it?

As the manufacturers write, this is a must have product in anyone’s skincare essentials collection – because it helps to combat major drying as well as the signs of aging and environmental and pollution related damage.

If your problem is acne – then just give yourself 2-3 sessions with this in a week. That will ensure that the acne comes to the surface and gets healed. Also the pores will open up, releasing any dirt or chemicals trapped in – preventing future breakouts. As with most people, particularly women, this is going to be an apt helper for your home spas and facials. 

Another great feature is the timer setting. It comes with 5 different duration options – and you can set it up before you start the relaxing facial – and then just relax with your own steamer at home! No more worrying about the other factors.

But why go by just what the manufacturers have to say – you should also take a look at the reviews left for this product to validate the manufacturer’s claims, don’t you? And here are just a few snippets from the reviews:

  • Most people highly appreciated the cool mist feature – something that most other facial steamers do not feature – even the expensive ones!
  • One person actually bought 6 of these for her skin care studio! She said that the service it gave for the price was unmatched.
  • It is also super easy to set up and operate – so even for those technically challenged few – this will be a great and economical buy.
  • And of course – the price was really something to grab it for. And more so because Amazon gives more than 30% discount on the product – making it the best place to get it from!
And besides the price factor, the service and expedite shipping you will get from Amazon is also unmatched… and that too for less than $40! This really is a deal you shouldn’t pass by. And here’s right where you can check out the rest of the details.


Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System

But if you were looking for something a bit more high end and are ready to spend on it too – then stay tuned for the 4 other products that we are featuring…

#2: “Jocasta” Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone
 Rating wise this one was right up there with the first one from Conair. But this one is a more expensive and sophisticated steamer – and one which people who are looking to invest in should consider.
This isn’t just a basic steamer – it comes with a few more frills than that:
• The vapors are oxygen ionic that promotes cleaning and sterilization of your skin.
• It shuts off automatically when the water level runs too low – so no risk of overheating and damage. 

  • It comes with a separate steaming arm – which is twistable – much like the professional steamers you see at the salon.
  • It comes with a special ozone feature which you can switch on or off. This is particularly good for the skin and also boosts blood circulation to the skin. This in turn promotes skin healing and rejuvenation.
And these are not the only features that it boasts of. But for the rest you can look up the listing on Amazon. And while you are at it – do check out the reviews for all the extra information that manufacturers aren’t always able to give you. We brought you a little pre-cap right here:

  • This one takes just about 6 minutes to heat up – and then lasts for about 20 minutes. That is one good facial session!
  • The container for the water is tough plastic, rather than glass. This makes this steamer quite durable and also prevents cracking from accidental overheating!
  • It also helps to open up the sinuses – so beauty benefit and health benefit in one!
  • Super easy to assemble and very efficient for its price.
Now where we mention price, it should also be added that the great price of this steamer is something that you are most likely to get on Amazon alone! While the actual market price is upwards of $140 – on Amazon, you get it for less than a $100! So do be sure to consider it now – before the discount is not offered anymore.


“Jocasta” Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone


There you have 2 of the 5 steamers that have received rave reviews on Amazon. Of the other 3, two are in the really economical category, while one is moderately expensive. And even design wise they offer great features – so do go check out the rest of the 5 top facial steamers before making a final decision!

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