6 Home Made Hair Mask DIYs: There’s Something For Everyone!

Homemade hair masks are the ultimate way to give your hair the love and pampering it deserves. And when we are talking about homemade masks, you obviously understand that we are also talking about all natural ingredients – and most of the time – stuff you already have in your house! So – want to see what we have in store for you? Check out these 6 home made hair mask recipes now!

#1: DIY Hair Mask For Normal Hair that needs some TLC
Basically, this one is a mix of 3 super-nourishing ingredients… It contains 2 tbsp. of coconut oil, 2 squeezes of honey and an egg. And the results are truly surprising! What’s more – irrespective of hair type, you can try this simple and easy hair mask to get great conditioned hair! And now you can check out the exact procedure for making it right here.

#2: DIY Hair Mask for hair that is damaged from over styling
 DIY Hair Mask for damaged hair
Now this is a really simple recipe – and you may think that it takes off directly from the last one. Well, it does, but the ingredients are somewhat more specialized – for that extra damage control. And of course, the method is a little different too… For this you will need equal amounts of organic raw honey and organic coconut oil. And then of course there is a method to it. Why don’t you go and find out the details for yourself?

#3: DIY Hair Mask for Oily Hair
This third mask is all about oily hair. Normally people think that oily hair needs something to remove the oil from it. But the fact is far from it. As with oily skin – oily hair is a sign of your hair and scalp becoming too dry due to treatment or improper care. In the absence of enough natural moisture, your scalp starts to secrete extra oils, making your hair oily. What you need instead is a mask that takes care of the oiliness while sealing in the natural moisture as well. And nothing can do that job as well as eggs! So here’s how to make and apply this mask – and it uses JUST EGGS!

#4: DIY Hair Mask for Dry Hair
Now some people are just unlucky enough to have hair that is really dry and rough. When hair is dry it will always tend to get tangled more, and it also doesn’t look or feel good at all. In addition to that, dry hair is super prone to split ends! So when you have dry hair, a deep conditioning mask is essential. And here’s one that uses just avocadoes and virgin coconut oil! Check out the details!

#5: DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
Hair can be frizzy for two reasons. Firstly, from over treatment, when your hair loses its natural moisture and the hair shaft is affected, this leads to a lot of frizz. Also, for people with normal hair, a trip to some place humid suddenly leaves your hair frizzy and unmanageable. What you need to treat the frizz is some healthy protein, something to soften the hair and moisturize it – and that too something that isn’t so heavy that it cannot penetrate the hair shaft. Now here is a mask that uses eggs, honey, milk and lemon juice. We thought you’d like to see a full demonstration – so here it is!

And finally…

#6: DIY Hair Mask for Curly Hair
Anyone who’s been born with curly hair knows just how temperamental that can be! It’s like curls have a life of their own – they behave as they wish, and they are just so difficult to tame and bring under control. It is primarily for these reasons that curly hair tends to be uncared for, dry and damaged. But those days can end right here and now – because with this mask taming your curls will cease to become a chore! And of course – this one only contains ripe bananas and ripe avocadoes!

So – there you have it… your 6 home made hair mask recipes that are super easy to make, really convenient, cheap and of course, amazingly effective! But then, you will not know that till you actually give these a try… so – got your ingredients together yet?

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6 Home Made Hair Mask DIYs: There’s Something For Everyone!
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