6 Ways to Keep Your Pedicure Last Longer!

Getting a pedicure once in a while is an amazing way of making your feet look pretty and relaxing yourself. If you have never gotten one, then you need to, trust me! You are missing so much.

But wait… What do you not want to see just after getting a perfect one-hour long pedicure? A chipped nail! There is nothing more frustrating than having to see a cracked nail or a broken nail polish.

Such a thing is not completely unavoidable due to obvious reasons. But here are 6 tips that will help you in at least prolonging the life of your pedicured feet.

1.    Give Sufficient Drying Time to your Nail Polish

While you are doing pedicure in the comfort of your home, you should pay attention to the drying time of the nail polish you are using.

Not giving ample time to your nail polish to dry out causes it to crack and break instantly. Generally, 20 minutes should be given before doing anything else.

2.    Wear a Top Coat

A good way of extending your pedicure is to apply a good quality top coat just after you are done with the actual pedicure. It protects your nail polish and stops it from cracking.

You can consult a beautician who will advise you regarding the top coat you should use. A wide range of these top coats are available in the market at affordable prices.

3.    Use a Moisturizer

A moisturizer keeps your skin and nails hydrated and protect them from drying out. You should use one just after a shower or a wash.

Beauty experts suggest that a moisturizer works best when it is a bit warm. You can take a good amount of lotion and microwave it for 5-10 seconds. You need to apply this heated moisturizer quickly as it cools down at a faster rate.

Remember that synthetic lotions are not good for your nail polish and should thus be avoided. You can try using natural moisturizers.

4.    Avoid wearing Flip-Flops

When you wear flip-flops your feet are not covered and are prone to dirt and dust. You can expect your nail polish to wear away quickly.

Wearing good quality shoes/sandals will not only protect your pedicure but it will also be good for your feet in the long-run. You should also avoid wearing closed toe shoes at least for 12 hours after doing your pedicure.

5.    Apply Cuticle Oil

Keep in mind that cuticle oil is your friend. It protects your cuticles from drying out or getting damaged. It also prevents nail polish chipping.

Experts suggest that you should use cuticle oil every night and at least two times a day. Whenever you feel that your feet are drying out, take out your cuticle oil and apply it all over your feet.

6.    Keep away from Heat

If you have a sauna appointment or you wish to take a hot bath just after doing your pedicure, then you are probably mixing all up; it’s better you postpone both these tasks.

Nail Polish and Heat is not a good combination. You need to stay away from heat for at least 12 hours so as to keep your nails from chipping!

Pedicure is your feet’s best friend if taken proper care of. So remember these tips and your pedicure will last-longer keeping you looking fresh all the more!

Article Name
6 Ways to Keep Your Pedicure Last Longer!
With these 6 tips your pedicure will last longer and your feet will look glamorous throughout the week!