7 Fun Home Spa Party Ideas To Make Your Spa Party A Success!

A home spa is the ultimate way to pamper yourself – especially without spending a whole lot of money. And the best way to multiply the fun in addition to the pampering, is to throw a spa party! Now you do get spa party organizers who’ll do everything for you. But you will save a lot of money – and also enjoy doing all the prep – if you choose to do it yourself! And here are 7 home spa party ideas that add to the fun! Read on…

Photo Credit: PamelaVWhite via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: PamelaVWhite via Compfightcc

1. Food

If you are having a party, food is a must. However, you can pick between finger food and something more substantial. Also, considering you are having a spa party, you may choose to have a themed menu as well.

The best idea however, is to go for finger food that is light, interesting and also healthy. In addition to that you can always set up a smoothie bar with lots of fresh fruits and low fat Greek yogurt to be used. Your guests can then choose which fruits they want in their smoothie. Additionally you can also keep nuts, raisins, honey, etc. to make the smoothies more interesting!

2. Décor

The décor is important – and it is a direct representation of what theme you choose. According to theme, all elements of the décor will need to be adjusted. Now spa themes can be decided on the basis of countries (Brazilian, Mexican, etc.) or on the basis of occasions like bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, etc. You will need to coordinate favors, food, music and décor on the basis of these.

For instance, for a beach themed party, you can go for drinks with hibiscus straws, burlap table runners, hair clips of plastic, etc. On the other hand, if you are going for a Hawaiian theme, you can have orchid garlands, tropical theme smoothies served in coconut shell-like glasses, etc. Just give your imagination free rein.

3. Supplies

Now for the things you will need – sit down and work out how many stations you want to set up. Do you want to do one or two of each – facial, pedicure – or multiples of just 1. Accordingly you will need supplies. Also, make sure that for the facial, manicure and pedicure stations, set them up in areas where you have a ready water supply – so you can switch out the water after each person.

As for the supplies – you can either make your own masks and facials from all natural ingredients ahead of time– or you can set up an array of ingredients and products and allow your guests to choose from them and make the masks on the spot. Which you decide on will depend on your budget.

4. Facials

A facial station is a big hit at most spa parties. And setting it up and operating it is also super easy! All you need is a relaxing spot, where people can recline with their head and shoulders resting comfortably on a head rest.

In this video you will find some easy tips on how to do a great facial that your friends will thank you for!

Of course the video shows you products, but you can set up your own facial bar with natural ingredients like avocados, olive oil, oats, grapeseed oil, honey, yogurt, green tea leaves and of course essential oils, astringent and toner. Also, remember to use fresh facial towels for each person.

5. Pedicure station

Similar to the facial station, if you want to, you could also set up a pedicure station. You will basically need all your personal foot spa supplies, and with that you should keep fresh towels for each person. Do check out our detailed discussion on how to do a great spa pedicure at home !

6. Cookies and tea

Finally, after all the fun and relaxing is done, you can just give the whole party a sweet end with some good quality green or black tea served with fresh homemade cookies! Since you are going to be serving them after a refreshing spa party, go for nice refreshing flavored cookies as well. Here is one suggestion – pecan and orange cookies:

So just make these cookies on the morning of the party or the night before and store in an airtight jar till you bring them out! You could always go for a healthier cookie alternative if you like.

7. Party favors!

And last but not the least – no party will be complete without something nice and pretty that your guests can take back with them. And there comes in party favors. The best idea after such a party is to make small bags of fun spa-related things that you can give out. Consider a mix and match of the following:

Or you can also decide on something else that you want to be gifting that is not too expensive, and also fun to make!

As you can probably tell, no party would really be complete without these elements, but that doesn’t mean you need to have all of them. Decide on which of these 7 home spa party ideas you want to have based on the space you have and your budget – and then you can go ahead and arrange your own spa party!

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7 Fun Home Spa Party Ideas To Make Your Spa Party A Success!
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