9 Tips For Curly Hair That You Absolutely Need To Know!

Curly hair looks really great – but then it is a little tricky to care for and to keep in perfect shape. But considering that those blessed with naturally curly hair usually have an enviable mane, we thought to help you out with 9 tips for curly hair care – that will make their upkeep easy! So, without further ado, let’s head to the tips, shall we?
Photo Credit: jypsygen via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: jypsygen via Compfightcc

#1: Curly hair is great – but not frizzy hair. And one thing that can make your curly hair very frizzy is when you rub your hair vigorously while towel drying it! The right technique is to either dab the hair lightly, or to wrap your head in a thick towel and to just leave it to soak up the water.

#2: If you have coarse or rough curly hair, then start every styling session with a bit of silicone serum throughout the length of your hair. It will protect the hair from further damage and also make it more manageable.

#3: However, if your curly hair is fine and tends to break easily, then still apply the serum, but just very little of it. This will protect your hair and still keep it fine and manageable.

#4: Brushing is very beneficial for straight hair, but unfortunately, it is very bad for hair that is curly. The curls break up – and this leads to excessive frizz.

#5:If you are intending to quickly dry your hair, then the two things that are an absolute no-no with a blow dryer are direct air and hot air. So always operate your blow dryer on the low heat setting and use the diffuser attachment to dry your hair. Also, lift the hair at the roots to facilitate drying, and scrunch up your curls, so that they maintain their shape.
Photo Credit: jsimpson06 via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: jsimpson06 via Compfightcc

#6: Any styling product or serum you apply to your hair should never be overdone. Always take just enough and endeavor to spread it evenly through the length of your hair. Use a wide toothed plastic comb to distribute if need be.

#7: Shine serum crisis? Run out of it? A good alternate particularly for curly hair is any facial serum that has a silicone base. They have the same core products and will work just as well.

#8: One way to get more effect out of your hair serum for curly hair is to invest in a hot oil or hair mask type product. Apply this to the ends of hair – never near the scalp – and put your hair in a shower cap before going to bed at night. Your hair will absorb the serum and be completely style ready in the morning!

#9: The typical high end hair care products specially formulated for curly hair are usually exorbitantly expensive. However, a generic brand would work just as well while costing you a fraction. In fact, with curly hair you should ideally spend part of what you save on getting a good stylist to care for your hair and give you the right haircut. With curly hair – the cut and care are a lot more important than products!

So, these were the top 9 tips for curly hair. With these, caring for curly hair will definitely become a lot easier.And then your curly hair will not only be the envy of all you meet – but also a delight for you!

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9 Tips For Curly HairThat You Absolutely Need To Know!
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