Bid Farewell to Your Cracked Feet with these 5 Home Remedies!

Are you frustrated because your cracked feet are ruining your image? Well, don’t worry as cracked feet are not your destiny. Reviving your old soft feet is not impossible anymore!

Several factors contribute to making your feet all cracked up. These include improper foot care, dry skin that is not taken care of and unhealthy eating habits. Whatever the reason, you have got cracked feet and you need to do something about them.

First things first, start loving your feet! Yes, you hear me; you need to start treating your feet nicely! Without taking care of your feet you will not be able to cure your cracked feet.

In addition, here are 5 affordable and effective home remedies for cracked feet that will gradually treat your feet and will relieve the pain as well.

1.    Massage using Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils including sesame oil, almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil are natural moisturizers that treat your cracked feet. In order to get best results, try mixing a number of oils together and massage them on your feet. You simply have to:

  • Wash your feet and apply Vegetable Oil (or a mixture including olive, almond, coconut and sesame oil)
  • Massage thoroughly for 10 minutes
  • Put on some socks and let it sit there overnight
  • Repeat this several times a week for softer feet

2.    Lemon Juice

Lemon contains acetic acid that exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells on your cracked feet. You can use lemon juice in combination with different fruits and vegetables as a remedy for cracked feet.

  • Take a lemon and squeeze it to extract its juice
  • Directly apply this juice onto your cracked feet

  • You can add lemon juice to warm water
  • Put your feet in this mixture for 10-15 minutes

3.    Milk and Honey

Out of the countless benefits of Milk, it is attributed to repairing skin with the help of the vitamins and calcium it has. Honey on the other hand is equally beneficial for skin with its anti-bacterial properties. When both of them are combined together they moisturize your skin and heal your cracked feet.  

  • Mix a cup of honey with 2 cups of milk
  • Let your feet soak in this mixture for 15-20 minutes
  • Start massaging your feet with the left mixture
  • Rinse with warm water and repeat for few days

4.    Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid and it works great as a skin exfoliator. It also helps in keeping your skin soft and moisturized. However you need to be extra careful while using vinegar and avoid using it undiluted as it can make your skin dry. Here’s what you can do:

  • Add 1/4th cup of vinegar in warm water and mix well
  • Soak your feet in this mixture for 5 minutes
  • Wash your feet and quickly massage your feet with any oil to keep your feet moisturized
  • Do not do this process daily; once or twice a week is enough

5.    Glycerin and Rose water

Both rosewater and glycerin moisturize your skin and make it softer. Rosewater additionally has anti-bacterial properties which heal the dead and dried skin of your cracked feet.

  • Mix glycerin and rosewater together
  • Massage your feet with this mixture
  • Leave your feet as it is overnight
  • Repeat it regularly for as long as you want

So try these easy, simple and effective home remedies to get rid of your painful and unattractive cracked feet!
Article Name
Bid Farewell to Your Cracked Feet with these 5 Home Remedies!
Are your cracked feet bothering you? Do you want to get rid of them? If yes, then follow these 5 home remedies and say no to cracked feet!