2 Home Spa Kit Gift Options: Made To Be A Relaxing Gift!

Home spas are a big thing nowadays. Gone are the days when spa treatments and everything else about them used to be novelty, and so people spent astronomical amounts of money to go and get them done. Today women and men everywhere are a lot more particular about where they spend what – and D-I-Y […]

5 Natural Ways to Banish Blackheads From Your Skin!

Don’t let these blackheads mar your radiant skin and affect your self-esteem. Try out the following 5 natural blackhead ‘removers’ to ensure a blackhead-free skin. 1. Clay MaskClay being one of the most useful minerals works great in removing oils and any other additional substances that are lodged in your pores. It can be combined […]

5 DIY Eye-Soothing Recipes: Revive the Twinkle in your Eyes!

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs which are easily irritated from the slightest disturbance and are first to ‘show’ any strain or stress you could be undergoing! No wonder…Shakespeare famously quoted, “The Eyes are the window to your soul”! Also, frequent use of makeup and eye products especially in women makes their […]

Snail Face Spa: Don’t Wince Till You Know the Benefits!

Talking of Face spa, several apparently strange or even weird-seeming skin treatments are coming up every now and then. Some people say putting mayonnaise on your face is a great way to get it as smooth as a baby. Others say that putting egg yolks could make it silky smooth. There are even facials out […]

Simple Skincare Night Routine: The Secret to Beautiful Skin!

Finding out and deciding upon the ‘right’ skin care for your skin type can be a little perplexing initially!  Especially so, with numerous and varying tips being ‘unveiled’ and products being launched almost every other day, it can be quite disorienting to decide which you should follow or apply.  Many products say that they have […]