Top Rated Ionic Foot Detox Machine Options: Health At Home!

An ionic foot detox machine can be a great device to have at home. Not only will it save you the trouble of visiting the spa and paying exorbitant amounts for a regular 30 minutes session, it will also ensure that you get your weekly dose of foot detox!You probably already know exactly what these […]

2 Footsie Bath Products That You Are Sure To Love!

After a long and tiring week at work – nothing can be more relaxing than a warm footsie bath! Just put your feet up and unwind, as the bath washes over your feet in soothing waves. But yes, for most of us, it usually entails a spa bill afterwards. But why pay for it when […]

The Best Foot Detox At Home That You Must Try!

According to ancient Chinese medication, feet are one of the top healing points of your body. Therefore, any so-called ‘cure’ applied to the feet can have effect throughout the body. Alternately, your feet also bear the brunt of your whole day. The long hours you spend on your feet, plus the uncomfortable shoes you may […]

Epsom Salt Foot Bath: Why They Are So Good For You!

We know that a warm foot bath can be an extremely relaxing experience, especially if it is at the end of a long and tiring day at work where you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on your feet. Likewise, while many people aren’t able to arrange for a bath in the evenings – what […]