Get Relief from Pain and Anxiety with 7 Self Massage Tips

When pain or anxiety is interfering with your daily life, you should take the time to learn how to relieve your symptoms. Whether your pain or anxiety is due to a physical ailment, a medical condition, or stress, the use of self massage techniques can help ease your discomfort. Using the following tips, you can relieve your own pains and anxiety through self massage.



#1 – Get Rid of a Headache

This simple head massage can help you get rid of a headache and ease your anxieties. You can perform this massage either standing up or sitting down. With both hands, run your fingers through your hair several times. After the fourth or fifth pass, pause your hands when your palms are aligned with your forehead. Take your thumbs and gently massage your temples. Do not apply any pressure, just move your thumbs in a circular motion until the headache or stress passes.

#2 – Calming Hand Massages

Using hand massages, you can let anxieties drift away. If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, this exercise could also help eliminate some of the pain. Start by gently locking your fingers together, palms towards each other. Slowly rub your palms, using a circular motion. Continue this movement for a minute or two and then use the thumb from one hand to massage the palm of the other hand. After a minute, switch thumbs and perform the same routine on the other palm. Next, repeat the same motion using both your thumb and index finger. This exercise should take about 5 minutes and very soon you will feel the relief.

#3 – Homemade Warm Compress

A warm compress can help alleviate pain, sore muscles and stiff joints. To make your own homemade warm compress, fill a large tube sock with uncooked rice and tie the end of the sock. Heat the sock in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Remove the sock and massage it along the part of your body where you feel pain.

#4 – Remove Tension

If you have tense muscles or sore feet, use a tennis ball to massage the sore area. For sore feet, sit on a chair and place one foot on top of the tennis ball. Slowly roll the tennis ball around with your foot. Continue doing this until you feel some relief.

The same technique can be used for tense muscles along your back or between your shoulder blades. Again, sitting down in a chair on a couch, place the tennis ball behind you. Gently move your torso to roll the ball between your back and the back of the chair or couch.

#5 – Remove Shoulder and Back Pain

Another solution for shoulder or back pain is to give yourself a large bear hug. This can loosen your muscles and help stretch out your back. With your arms locked around your torso, gently massage your sides. In addition to easing back or shoulder pain, this exercise is relaxing and can eliminate anxiety.

#6 – Neck Massage

Using this self massage technique, you can keep your neck and shoulders from getting too tense and let go off some of the stress of the day. If you have an office job where you sit at a desk all day, pause every hour to perform this simple technique. Lock your fingers together and place your hands behind your neck. Move your elbows inwards, to gently press your palms against the sides of your neck. Slowly move one palm upward, while you move the other palm downwards, and then alternate. This back and forth motion will loosen up your shoulders and neck and can be quite relaxing.

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#7 – Rid Yourself of Stomach Pain

If you are suffering from stomach pain, you may be having indigestion. Using one of your hands, place your palm on your belly. Rub your stomach in a circular motion. This circular movement is the same direction that food travels when it passes through the intestine and can help with your digestion as well as stomach cramps or pains.

No one should have to live with constant pain or anxiety. It can affect your relationships, your work life and your overall happiness. To begin eliminating stress and anxiety or pain related to various ailments, use the self massage tips provided. They are easy to follow and put into practice. With your pain and anxiety alleviated, you will live your life to the fullest.

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Get Relief from Pain and Anxiety with 7 Self Massage Tips
Relieve your own pain and anxiety by learning how to use simple self massage techniques for headaches, stress, stiff joints and muscle tension.