How To Take Care of Your Permed Hair To Minimize Damage

Considering the law of average, women are generally fond of experimenting with hairstyles. Some women dye it using different colors, re-bond hair to achieve the silky straight look, or the cute carefully careless curled look! Bottom line…permed hair is very much in vogue! But wait… to achieve that beautiful and elegant permed hair, there is […]

9 Tips For Curly Hair That You Absolutely Need To Know!

Curly hair looks really great – but then it is a little tricky to care for and to keep in perfect shape. But considering that those blessed with naturally curly hair usually have an enviable mane, we thought to help you out with 9 tips for curly hair care – that will make their upkeep […]

Boost Your Hair’s Health With 3 Natural Conditioner Recipes

Do you have split ends, hair fall and dandruff? Are you tired of your dry and dull hair? Well, if you think that you are the only one who has hair issues, relax, you are not alone.Due to pollution, dirt and dust, and changing weather conditions our hair is prone to damage. Sadly, even the […]

Get the Most Out of Your Coconut Oil Hair Care Treatment

Without any doubt, coconut oil is one of the most effective treatments for hair problems. People around the world use coconut oil in different ways in order to yield the best results for their hair related issues.Why is Coconut Oil so Popular?You must be thinking why coconut oil is so popular especially for hair treatment. […]

6 Home Recipes For Dandruff That You Must Try!

Primarily there can be 4 main causes of dandruff – and most of them can be treated safely and at home. And the best part is that harsh store-bought dandruff shampoos actually leave your hair feeling rough and dry – but not these 6 home recipes for dandruff. They are perfect for treating your itchy […]