4 Smart Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Stay Gorgeous

It can be pretty tricky at times trying to figure out exactly how to care for your hair after you get hair extensions put in. From looks alone, they may not seem like they are any different from your natural hair, but the fact remains…. extensions definitely don’t behave like your natural hair does! This […]

6 ‘Head-Turner’ D-I-Y Celebrity Hairstyles for Short Hair

Surely you don’t quite like the idea of wearing your hair in the same way for ages, just because you prefer to keep your tresses short! Short hair too can be styled up to look fantastic and make you stand out in a crowd! Add to that the bonus of compliments they are sure to […]

6 Home Made Hair Mask DIYs: There’s Something For Everyone!

Homemade hair masks are the ultimate way to give your hair the love and pampering it deserves. And when we are talking about homemade masks, you obviously understand that we are also talking about all natural ingredients – and most of the time – stuff you already have in your house! So – want to […]

How To Make A Home Made Hair Mask: Watch & Learn!

What with the daily exposure to styling products, heat and also pollution – your hair tends to get very dry, dull and lifeless. The main reason for this is hair losing its natural moisture. And most people will go in for a hair spa at the salon to correct this. But why spend all that […]

5 Hair Spa Treatments At Home: The Best D-I-Y Haircare!

Hair Spas are a great way to infuse some shine and health into your hair. And most people will go for a salon hair spa session about once a month. But there are a few disadvantages to that: Going to the salon is a hassleYou need to pay an exorbitant amount of money for these […]