How To Take Care of Your Permed Hair To Minimize Damage

Considering the law of average, women are generally fond of experimenting with hairstyles. Some women dye it using different colors, re-bond hair to achieve the silky straight look, or the cute carefully careless curled look! Bottom line…permed hair is very much in vogue!

But wait… to achieve that beautiful and elegant permed hair, there is a dark side that requires using chemicals on your hair which are not so healthy or gentle! Therefore, it is imperative that to keep your beautiful locks from getting damaged, you must also know how to take good care of that newly permed hair of yours and follow the take-care routine with utmost diligence. After all you don’t want strands to fall out after a while, do you?

Let’s take a look at what this hair care regimen for permed hair includes…

1. Washing Your Hair

It is important to note that washing the newly permed hair must be done two days after the perming session. This enables the chemical to penetrate deep enough to keep that permed effect into the cuticle layer. Wash your hair thoroughly but gently. Perming hair uses different chemicals in your hair that may irritate your scalp. This can cause itchiness. That is why it is important to wash your hair properly using shampoo especially formulated for chemically treated hair.

2. Use Conditioner

Just like the shampoo, choosing the right conditioner suitable for chemically treated hair is equally important. Conditioner helps in detangling your hair as it deeply penetrates your hair cuticle. Apply it carefully and gently, apply the conditioner evenly using your fingertips from root to shaft. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

3. Air Dry your hair

Avoid blow-drying as far as you can. Air drying is recommended for permed hair. This will help in avoiding damaging your hair any further. Hair blowers tend to make your hair frizzy; so it’s best avoided.

4. Style Your Permed Hair Minus Heat

Avoid using hair iron and hair curlers while styling your permed hair; it can damage your beautiful hair. Ideally, brush your hair after shower while it is still a little damp but not exactly wet, it can flatten the curls of your hair. You may also try different techniques like grouping your hair and twisting it.

5. Trim your Hair

To keep your hair healthy, trim it regularly every 4-5 weeks interval. It helps your hair grow healthier. Trimming your hair can also spring up your curls. It can also maintain the bounce appearance of your permed hair.

6. Keep your hair ‘protected’

Whether your hair is permed or not, avoid going out under the sun without covering it. The UV rays can stress your hair and damage it consequently. Use swimming cap when you go for a swim, it helps your hair to stay protected from chlorine or other chemicals.

7. Do not tie your hair.

Avoid tying your hair in the first 2 days. It will undo your curls. Let it loose for several days and you can just ponytail or bun it.

8. Comb your permed hair gently.

Use your fingertips for combing your hair in the first 24 hours. Gently finger-comb your hair and massage your scalp with your fingertips to relax it. You can also use large-toothed comb instead. This is the crucial stage of your newly premed hair. You hair is in the adjusting period so avoid stressing your hair by vigorous or rough combing.

Permed hair looks stylist and elegant….as long as you also know how to maintain it. Take care of your newly permed hair and turn heads flaunting your new look!
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How To Take Care of Your Permed Hair To Minimize Damage

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