Inada Massage Chair: Best Shiatsu Massage – Right At Home!

Looking for a comfortable massage chair that you can have in your home and enjoy professional level chair massages in? Then you are doing the right thing by looking up the Inada Massage Chair. Popularly called the ‘World’s Best Massage Chair’, this one has quite a select following. While the price is a little limiting for some, if you can afford it – the comfort you get from this is incomparable to that which you get from any other chair! We are talking specifically about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair.
Now let’s take a look at the features that sets this chair apart from all the other massage chairs available in the market:

Customized massage experience

We say that it is a customized experience because of the state-of-the-art scanning technology that it comes with. When you sit on the chair, it first scans your entire body and detects what are known as pressure points. The original traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage concentrates on various pressure points along your body – much like acupressure – and massages them to return your body to the optimum balance. This chair scans for your pressure points and accordingly programs your massage. Also, of all massage chairs in the market right now, this one has the largest coverage area – a total of about 1,200 square inches.

Also, it comes with 8 different shiatsu massage pre-programmed sessions like “Dreamwave”, “Night”, “Morning” and “Stretch” among others.

Stretching and calf and foot massage features

It also has another special feature that you will not find in any other massage chair. And that is the proprietary technology for the foot and calf muscle massage. The massage medium closely mimics an actual massage form a masseuse. In addition to this, there is also the comfortable stretch function which is also proprietary.
In addition to these, there is also a special, again proprietary option for youth massage. Under this option, people of any height and age (14 and above, of course) can get a comfortable massage with this. The chair adjusts to the person’s height.

Easy to use remote

And of course, there is also the remote which is super easy to use. And there is no chance of it getting lost, since it is attached to the chair with a cord – and there is a clever little pocket on the side of the chair which will hold the remote when not in use! Using the remote you can either choose any of the preprogrammed massage programs or you can even customize your own.

A word on customer reviews

Finally, let’s speak about the customer reviews – after all the real test is in these:

  • At its price, you’d expect this chair to work – but it is surprising when the customer support matches and is just as good. That is something you get with this chair.
  • It massages the back along with the feet and calves – producing a highly relaxing effect.
  • The ‘Sleep’ feature is so good and relaxing, that most people who use that usually sleep ‘like a baby’ afterwards!
  • With an expected lifetime of about 25 years, if not more, the price of this thing is actually a steal compared to how many massage sessions you save on!
  • And most buyers agree that the Inada is actually ‘head and shoulders’ above all of its competitors.
And now for a look at the complete reviews left by the many happy customers, just click here! And if you do decide on it, then check it out at a local store first and thereafter, Amazon will be your best bet!


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

And there you have it – possibly the best Inada massage chair available in the markets these days. And it can be yours for a discounted price from Amazon. And with Amazon, you know you get the best and most reliable shipping – so get set to order and enjoy yourself on this. But in case, this is a little over budget for you – you can always check out our other picks for massage chair!

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