Make Your Own Relaxing DIY Bath Salt In 8 Easy Steps!

A relaxing hot water bath is the ultimate relaxation ritual. But a DIY bath salt in your bath water can actually increase the relaxation factor as well as the health benefits! Wondering how? Well, most bath salts contain the following ingredients in some ratio or the other – and here is also what purpose they serve:
  • Epsom salt – it helps to relieve stress as well as regulate the circulation of various liquids in your body. It even relieves joint pains or achy limbs.
  • Sea salt – this is known to have anti bacterial benefits for your skin, and it prevents infections and skin problems.
  • Baking soda – this is known to smooth skin. Also, baking soda is very good for soothing and treating inflammations and skin irritations.
  • Essential oils – depending on the essential oil you use, that too can have different benefits. For instance lavender can soothe and relieve stress very effectively.
Now, you could always buy bath salts readymade, but it is a lot more fun to make them yourself at home. This way you can not only control what you put in there (no preservatives or chemicals of any sort) and if need be, you can use it as a great personalized holiday gift or party favor!

So now, let’s make it!

Make your own Bath Salt At Home!
Step 1: Start with a large bowl for mixing.
Step 2: Add to that 1 ½ cups of Epsom Salt
Step 3: Now pour in ½ a cup of Sea Salt
Step 4: Now add in ¼ of a cup of baking soda.
Step 5: Now use a spoon to stir it till all the dry ingredients are properly mixed together.
Step 6: Next add in a few drops of your favorite food coloring – match it to the fragrance you will be using. Do not add too much – as pastel shades look best and they won’t color your bath water too much either. You can also use soap coloring (though you will need to melt that first). Use the same spoon to mix very well till all the color is evenly distributed.
Step 7: Now for the essential oil – add in a few drops. In this case, the color used is purple, and the oil lavender. Once the oil is added, mix again till well incorporated.
Step 8: The last step is to pour it into a jar with a tight fitting lid – either a new one or a recycled one. Put on the lid, and then you can personalize it any way you like!

And that is all there is to it! As you can probably tell, making a bath salt at home is super easy – and if you did have any questions, or are looking for ways in which to personalize it, check out this very helpful video from Courtney Lundquist on YouTube!

She sure makes DIY bath salt making look really fun doesn’t she? And you only need to get the items from the store and try it out to find out for yourself! There really is no difficult task involved, and is all pretty straightforward… So do give this one a shot!

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Make Your Own Relaxing DIY Bath Salt In 8 Easy Steps!
A DIY bath salt is not only fun to make, but also great to use in the bath! So don’t let this chance go – learn the CORRECT way to make it today!

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