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Who doesn’t love a nice spa bath and massage? But going to the spa to get it done is just a lot of hassle, not to mention the amount of money you spend! And consider this, when after the relaxing spa and massage you must drive back home, surely some of the relaxation just goes away! So why not try and recreate the same experience, but in the comfort of your own home – so you are free to relax after the bath? And to afford you just that, we have brought you the Home Bath Spa Bubble Body Massager!

HoMedics BA-M200 Body Bubbles Bath Spa

For the uninitiated, let’s just quickly explain what this really is. You know what a bubble bath is, right? You have bubbles in your bath water and they feel light, airy and really nice on your skin. On the other hand, you have something called a Jacuzzi tub. Here the water is actually channeled into the tub constantly. This keeps the water constantly moving, and moving at some speed. This moving water has a massaging effect on the body when you soak in such a tub. As a result you get an automatic water massage.

With this massager set, you get somewhat the same experience, but for a fraction of the cost. A Jacuzzi tub is a lot more expensive, and you will need to redo some of the plumbing if you install one. But with this massager, you needn’t go into that trouble either!

So, let’s take a look at…

What comes in the box?

The set consists of 3 things –

  1. Bath mat – this attaches to the base of any flat bath tub. It is designed in such a way that it provides gentle pressure from the bottom up – which is very relaxing.
  2. A motor – this set up too will be pumping water into the tub to create a mixed bubble bath and Jacuzzi effect. And for that a motor is needed. The motor included is of superior quality and likely to last you years!
  3. The hose – the hose is what will supply the water to the tub continuously. Of course, the hose must also be good quality since it’ll be in constant contact with the water when in use. And this hose really does not disappoint.

Over all – all the parts are of the best quality – and they come individually packaged for safe transit. Also, unlike with other stuff that come out of their packaging with peculiar smells, all care has been taken with these – and they are for the most part clean and odorless.

And now, before you make up your mind, let’s just check out…

What customers have had to say?

There are already quite a few reviews for this product. And while a few of them are negative – the real reviewers will tell you that most of the purported complaints seem to have no basis at all! And as for us, we’ll bring you some of the USPs here:

  • Firstly, if comfort is what you are after, a single glance at the reviews is enough to convince you that this is the right choice!
  • A few of the reviewers also used this for long term pain relief in place of a regular Jacuzzi, with great results and at a fraction of the cost.
  • As with most of these automated gadgets, some sound is expected, but most people were surprised with the sound. In this case it is actually a lot lower than expectations!

As for the other reviews, you can look through them on Amazon. And if after you check them out, this is the one you want, then waste no more time! Order it today because this great product is actually flying off the Amazon shelves pretty fast!

HoMedics BA-M200 Body Bubbles Bath Spa

But yes, order this Home Bath Spa Bubble Body Massager first. Wait for it to be delivered. Open it, set it up and then soak in the luxurious bath it’ll create. And only once you do that will you know how great an investment you’ve made. You can thank us later!

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