Simple Skincare Night Routine: The Secret to Beautiful Skin!

Finding out and deciding upon the ‘right’ skin care for your skin type can be a little perplexing initially!  Especially so, with numerous and varying tips being ‘unveiled’ and products being launched almost every other day, it can be quite disorienting to decide which you should follow or apply.  Many products say that they have benefits for your skin, but it is common to not understand exactly what they mean. When do you apply certain skin care products? Which products can be used together? How does using any of these products even affect your skin? Luckily, the answer to these questions can be discovered by learning more about skincare night routines.

But firstly let’s understand the significance of….

 Why have a night routine?

During the day, your face is exposed to so many different things. From all the activity you do, most especially if you sweat, you end up with a lot of oil and dirt on your face and trapped in your pores. Not only this, but you are also exposed to the elements as you go about your day-to-day activities, just like the sun and oftentimes, pollution. This is why it is really important to do proper skin care in order to remove it all. Night time definitely works best for this since it will not just take the day off of your skin, but also help it recharge and heal as you sleep.

Now let’s check out…

What should be in the routine?

A complete night routine should ideally involve the  following things:

1.    Cleaning

The very first thing you need to do is make sure you remove everything on your face. If you have makeup on, remove it with your make-up remover. Afterwards, proceed to wash your face as thoroughly as possible. Try not to rush this, or else you could miss areas and leave dirt trapped in your skin! It’s best to use warm water while doing this in order to open up your pores, so you can clean them more thoroughly. If you have any blackheads or other acne, then it would be a good idea to use an exfoliator too.


2.    Toners

Once your face is cleansed off the day’s grime , apply some toner. Toners help remove excessive oil on the face, and act as a preventive measure against dirt and oil. When you apply it, you actually shrink your pores so that nothing can accumulate again. This prevents acne from forming. Not only that, but also toners also help in maintaining the balance of your skin. This really helps to control how oily your skin gets.

3.    Eye Care

Yes, your eyes are part of your skincare routine too! The skin around your eyes is quite sensitive compared to the rest of the face and tends to dry up if you do not treat it properly. Make sure to apply an eye cream to keep it moisturized, so it looks brighter! If you think you need it, you could even invest in an eye cream with anti-wrinkle effects too, although just keeping the area moisturized does plenty already.

4.    Moisturizing

The last part of the routine is to moisturize ! This is extremely important. This is what will really help your skin heal and restore itself. When your skin is dry, it is usually either slightly damaged or simply more prone to getting damaged. Having it nice and moisturized is one of the secrets to having healthier skin. Night-time is the perfect time to do it so that it can help your skin recharge itself overnight and get ready for the next day with you!


By following this simple routine, you will find that your skin will look more youthful, radiant and healthier come the following morning! You don’t need to find any magical skin products that claim to solve all of your skin problems. Sticking to a routine on a daily basis, will improve the overall look and health of your skin more and more each day.
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Simple Skincare Night Routine: The Secret to Beautiful Skin!