Snail Face Spa: Don’t Wince Till You Know the Benefits!

Talking of Face spa, several apparently strange or even weird-seeming skin treatments are coming up every now and then. Some people say putting mayonnaise on your face is a great way to get it as smooth as a baby. Others say that putting egg yolks could make it silky smooth. There are even facials out there that make you slather bird poop all over your face to make it brighter and rid it of dirt and acne! These all sound crazy and are definitely a valid cause for skepticism, but they’re just the kinds of things you have to try first in order to find out if they really work; and that is exactly what many people have done with a facial that is growing in popularity: the snail face spa treatment.

How does it work?

A snail face spa isn’t just about using products derived from snails, but actually involves using real live snails. The treatment is generally about 45 minutes long, and for most of the treatment, several snails are placed on your face and pretty much left to crawl around. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? However, many people have said it actually feels soothing! The little creatures crawl around with their gentle suction, taking away your dead skin in the process. They also excrete their fluids, which is the primary objective of the treatment.

Having a snail’s mucus all over your face may seem or feel gross and yucky initially, but they are said to have many benefits. The fluid is said to have natural antioxidants and nutrients that can actually make your skin healthier. It is also great for improving skin’s moisturization because of the hyaluronic acid present in the mucus. Best of all, it is completely natural and gentle, so there is no need to fear the treatment being too harsh on your skin and damaging it instead like other facials.

Is it effective?

Because it is a rather new and not so established treatment, dermatologists cannot say for sure how effective it is. However, many customers who have gotten the treatment reported that their skin felt cleaner, brighter and lighter after the treatment. For some, it was able to successfully bring down their acne and lower their stress level after a few treatments. The one thing for certain is that the treatment does have its good effects on the skin, because none of the customers have ever left feeling unhappy afterwards.

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Where do the snails come from?

You can rest assured that these snails aren’t just plucked from random places, but are actually grown specifically for this treatment. They are raised in a snail farm and fed only organic foods in order to keep the levels of nutrients, proteins and antioxidants in its mucus high. The food is always chemical and pesticide-free to ensure nothing strange gets mixed into their body that could potentially harm your skin. This really emphasizes just how natural the treatment is, even from the snails themselves before they get onto your face.

This treatment is definitely quite different and a little unheard of, but it seems to work pretty well if you go in for sessions regularly. It would surely be a new experience for any soul brave enough to try it out, and luckily it is not without its benefits! If you have the chance, you should definitely try out this new snail face spa treatment and find out what all the buzz is about!

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Snail Face Spa: Don’t Wince Till You Know the Benefits!

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