Make Your Own Chocolate Spa Treatment At Home!

Who could say no to chocolate? Aside from it being a delicious, addictive treat for someone with a sweet-tooth, chocolate is also good for the skin! And that being said, it is now being used in spa treatments. One of the best things about this is that you can do this in the comforts of […]

7 Fun Home Spa Party Ideas To Make Your Spa Party A Success!

A home spa is the ultimate way to pamper yourself – especially without spending a whole lot of money. And the best way to multiply the fun in addition to the pampering, is to throw a spa party! Now you do get spa party organizers who’ll do everything for you. But you will save a […]

3 Home Spa Bath Pillow Options: Complete Relaxation!

A home spa bath pillow can really transform your spa experience for you. Not only will investing in one save you from spending your hard earned money on repeated spa treatments at the salon – it can even be used at other times when you just want to relax in a warm bath! However, not […]

4 amazing homemade milk bath recipes for a Luxurious Spa Bath

Did you know you can treat yourself to a luxurious bath just like the ones they give you at spas and that too at without paying a penny? Yes it’s true! Isn’t it a shocker? You can enjoy a wonderful bath using your homemade milk bath recipe. So if you are too busy to visit […]

5 Top Mud Bath Spa Benefits You Wouldn’t Want To Give A Miss

Perhaps the last time you had an exclusive ‘rendezvous’ with mud was the time you made mud pies…at the time when getting dirty was really fun!  But what now? Does the idea of lolling in the mud for reaping Mud bath spa benefits… make you wonder whether it really something as beneficial as some proponents […]