3 Luxury Bath Towels To Put The Comfort Into Your Bath Time!

What is a luxurious bath without some luxury bath towels to wrap yourself in… and by luxury towels we are talking about thick and soft towels that truly feel like a dream on your skin. At the same time, they should be able to do what they are meant for – which is soaking up […]

Make Your Own Relaxing DIY Bath Salt In 8 Easy Steps!

A relaxing hot water bath is the ultimate relaxation ritual. But a DIY bath salt in your bath water can actually increase the relaxation factor as well as the health benefits! Wondering how? Well, most bath salts contain the following ingredients in some ratio or the other – and here is also what purpose they […]

Steam Shower Review To Help You Buy Better!

Steam Showers, as we have already established, do have more benefits for you than the traditional dry saunas. If you are thinking of all the benefits you’d want to get from a spa but right at home then a steam shower is what you should consider. But wait – a steam shower requires that you […]

Steam Shower Or Sauna: Which Is Better?

So you are trying to choose between steam shower or sauna: which one is better. There is much confusion about exactly how one differs from the other. And today we are here to clear the confusion. There are a number of ways in which Saunas and Steam showers differ from each other – and of […]

3 Top Infrared Sauna Reviews To Help You Decide!

Having your very own sauna in the house can be a great idea! Not only is a sauna greatly relaxing, it has a number of health benefits as well. However, having a sauna in the house seems like a really expensive investment, don’t you think? But there is one way to cut back on that […]