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Steam Showers, as we have already established, do have more benefits for you than the traditional dry saunas. If you are thinking of all the benefits you’d want to get from a spa but right at home then a steam shower is what you should consider. But wait – a steam shower requires that you have an enclosed space where you have a constant supply of steam. And for that you will actually need to have a steam shower unit in your home, preferably in your bathroom. But where will you get it? Check out this steam shower review for the best one!

Introducing the…

Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ Pivot Door Steam Shower with Left Side Configuartion

There is nothing quite like having your own enclosed shower cum steam sauna set in your own home. And here is one luxury item you should definitely consider. Yes, it does cost a little on the heavy side – but when you consider all the features you get with it – that won’t seem like too much!

After all, consider just how few sauna appointments you can pay for using the amount – and this is going to last you much longer! So very soon it will have paid for itself!

Now let’s look at its state of the art features:

  • It is an enclosed shower, so it has shower features of course.
  • In addition to that it also has the steam sauna option.
  • It also incorporates an acupuncture 6-jet body massage system.
  • In addition you can also use it as an aromatherapy chamber.
  • The panel for controlling everything – from the steam to the water and even the aromatherapy unit – is computerized and easy to figure out.
  • It also features a separate shower head.
  • There is also a ventilation fan as well as a shower stool for when you are taking a steam shower.
  • And a great added advantage is the presence of an FM Radio system. So you can listen to music while you are at it!
Overall, it is a really impressive list of features. But the thing to note – and one that even the customers who reviewed the product were quick to mention is the matter of assembly.

You need to have a pretty good idea of plumbing as well as construction basics to be able to set it up yourself. Alternately, you can always ask for the manufacturer to send an assembly team to do it for you. That way you know everything is done right – and things are in their correct place.

Now in addition to actually having your very own steam shower at home – and saving a lot on the long run – there are a few other advantages to this as well:

  • It takes just 5 minutes to completely steam up as opposed to the nearly half an hour your club steam sauna takes!
  • It comes with a special cleaning feature – and keeps itself clean to a great extent.
And besides that, there is a lot of other very helpful information about how to set this steam shower up in the reviews – so do go check those out! And once you do – go ahead and order it. At $3000-3300, this indeed is a great bargain!


Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ Pivot Door Steam Shower with Left Side Configuartion

amazon-buy-nowNow that you have seen the shower – there is something else that we’d like to introduce you to. Say you want to construct your own steam sauna, how will you do it? Well, for this you will need the enclosure first – though this you can easily get from a number of different manufacturers. Thereafter, all you really need is to fit the glass shower ‘room’ with a good shower panel and a steam generator. And here too, we have options that you can consider:

1. Shower Panel

We actually have 3 top selling products here:

#1 Blue Ocean 52”
This first one is a pretty well reviewed article on Amazon right now. It is made of stainless steel and is a durable shower accessory to have.

It is fitted with 8 jet nozzles, and has a number of different shower programs. Also all the programs work independently, so as to ensure proper water pressure at all times. Considering that it costs Just about $300, you should go and check out the details!

Blue Ocean 52″ Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower Head

This next one is also from the same manufacturer and it has also received pretty good reviews and ratings. This one is actually made of aluminum – but it is equally durable.

To give it a particularly sophisticated look, this one also has a blue glass panel covering it. Like the other one from Blue Ocean, this too has the same features, including a separate temperature display using which you can alter the water temperature.

Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head


But in case you were looking for a third option, you can also check out the…

#2 Décor Star

 This one has a more simplistic design, but it still packs a punch. The simplicity of the shower panel actually lends it elegance.

And so far as features are concerned, it does not disappoint. There are 100 spray massage nozzles placed horizontally. In addition to that, it also has 50 rainfall nozzles!

This shower panel also includes a very sensitive thermostat – so you can easily adjust the temperature of the water to your liking!

For more information, as well as to order, check out the rest of the details on Amazon.

Decor Star 004-SS Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage System


And now that we have shown you the showers, let’s also take a look at a good steam generator:
 This is a steam generator that you can easily hook up to your water supply and keep in your shower room. When you turn it on, the two tank construction allows for water to pass through it easily. This water is then converted to a continuous stream of steam that is released into your shower room – creating your very own steam shower!

Sounds good? So go and check out the rest of the details for it. Considering that it costs a little under $850, you may just end up saving some!

Steam Spa D-900 9 KW Steam Bath Generator


And with that your entire D-I-Y steam shower set up is complete. But yes – do consider that getting the readymade one is going to be much less hassle! But ultimately, the choice is yours… WE have brought you the steam shower review, now you decide!

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