This Top Massage Oil Warmer Offers 5 Temperature Settings

A massage oil warmer is an absolute essential for both massage therapists and D-I-Y folks who wants to make the most of a massage session. Irrespective of the group you belong to, warming the massage oil makes the session unimaginably soothing and relaxing, which is the ultimate objective of massage therapy. In case you are just learning how to give a massage, you’d be amazed at the significance of warmed oil, and to what extent it can bring about a huge difference helping to evoke the ability to unwind and relax!

So what are the things you may expect in the oil warmers available commercially?

Several oil warmers offer one or two heat settings, but you should look for one that has a fully adjustable temperature setting so that you are in complete control of how warm you want your oil to be.

For most warmers, it is easy to make adjustments quickly during the course of the massage session.

Warmth makes a huge difference as far as massage session, because often the warmth often  almost make us relax instantly! You may want to use hot oil for scalp massage, facial massage therapies, during  a regular full-body massage and even for indulging in a luxurious foot massage session.

Here we have brought to you one such Massage Oil Warmers that has succeeded in wooing most of its buyers.


Salon SPA Body Work Therapy Massage Oil Warmer


How does it work:

  • This one heats the Massage Oil evenly maintaining a constant temperature.
  • It offers five temperature settings for you to choose from according to your need and purpose. You can also heat your lotions and oils safely and evenly with this without their nutrient value getting lost or compromised.
  • The warmer shuts on and off automatically always to help in maintaining the preset temperature at constant.
  • All you are required to do is just fill up the warmer’s ‘reservoir’ with water; It is the heating plate inside that creates a sort of “hot-water bath” for your massage oil.
  • The reservoir can accommodate wide-mouthed bottles and bottles up to 2.8″ in diameter.
  • The water’s heated quickly, evenly, safely and the heat is transferred to your bottle of massage oil.
  • The warmer has five adjustable temperature levels between 77° F and 140° F. and your oil stands no risk of getting overheated.
  • A smart indicator light illuminates when the warmer is in the process of heating automatically shuts off once the set temperature is reached.

This product has earned a high rating of 4 out of stars at Amazon, especially because of its unique features! And majority (about 57%) of the ratings are 5 stars! That says quite a lot about its popularity amidst the buyers.

 You may even wish to check out personally what the reviewers have said about their buy! If you feel this oil warmer is the one you want just order yours at  

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This Top Massage Oil Warmer Offers 5 Temperature Settings
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